students accommodation in Rennes

As a student enrolled in one of the french universities, the have the right to obtain the APL which means the appartment financial aid. you have to file an application for it in the CAF (Caisse d'allocation familliales )to be given to you. this aid will be given according  to your income and will vary from 90 to180 euros a month and it depends on the room or the appartment superficy and  if it was furnished with taking into consideration that the living area is 9 m² per person or 16 m² per two. 

CAF Centers in Rennes:

Caf de Rennes
Adresse : Cour des Alliés, 35000 Rennes
Tel: 09 69 37 32 30


Documents to be provided:
•    a copy of your rental agreement
•    proof of your rental payment
•    a copy of your electrical bill
•    a copy of your student visa
•    a copy of your passport
•    results of a medical visit showing that you are in good health
•    a birth certificate translated into French (consult your Embassy)
•    proof of a bank account
•    copy of your tax return filed in France (proof of revenues)


CROUS provides various housing services for students in private residences.


Crous Center in Rennes: 

Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Sociales (CROUS)
Crous de Rennes-Bretagne
Adresse: 7 Pl. Hoche, 35000 Rennes
Tel: 09 72 59 65 35
Opens: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 16:00


CRIJ ( centre régional d'information de jeunesse Bretagne - rennes)

Adresse: 8 rue du 7eme Régiment d'Artillerie
35000 Rennes
Tel: 02 99 31 17 77




Apartment Rental Websites:

Uniplaces : Book your accomodation online