Opening a Bank Account in France

If you remain in France for more than three months, you can open a resident bank account. You are however advised to check with your bank in your home country, whether it is associated a French network, which might facilitate your operations.

To open a resident bank account in euros, the following documents are essential:

•    Your passport
•    Your residence permit
•    Proof of residence (telephone or electricity bill, rent receipt, certificate residence, etc.)

The main French banks have an extensive network of branches throughout the whole country. You will receive a checkbook and/or a bankcard once your account has been opened. Checkbooks are generally free, on the other hand, credit or debit cards are charged between 15 and 40 euros per year, depending on the bank and the type of card issued. Your card will enable you to pay directly from your account in most shops and for most services, as well as allowing you to draw out cash from cash dispensers.

You must deposit a minimum amount of 15 euros, and your account will be open within 48 hours.

For more information
Campus France

The national agency for promoting French Higher Education abroad
•    Campus France Website


Centre for Youth Information and Documentation
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Exchange services:

The majority of banks offer currency exchange services. There are also independent currency exchange offices that are open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 6:00pm. You should always compare exchange rates and choose the best one for you.