Getting a Telephone Line in France

How to Get a Home Telephone

There are many telephone carriers in France as Free, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, etc. Pay close attention to the fee for long distance calls, if you plan on calling back home often. There are also some interesting options which include internet and cable television service. There are telephone stores located all over Paris, or you may search on line for more information on finding the best carrier for you.

Your telephone bill will include:
•    Your monthly fee (a sum you pay regardless of the calls you make)
•    The costs of your calls, which depends on distance and time.

How to obtain a cellular phone

There are two main options when purchasing a cellular phone:
•    The purchase of a cellular phone operated by a card (on sale in telephone stores)
•    A twelve month to two year contract with a monthly fee for two, three or more hours of communication per month.
Choose the option that corresponds best to your needs. If you receive more calls than you make, buying a card operated cellular phone may be your best solution. If you make a lot of calls all over France, pay for a certain number of hours.

Calling from a Telephone Booth

You can call from a public telephone booth provided you have a card (some use only coins). Telephone cards are available at post offices, tobacco shops and at certain merchants (bookstores and newspaper stands). Costs and access codes to call abroad are generally displayed inside the booth.

Calling abroad from France

1.    Dial 00 (no dial tone after) plus the country code. For international information: dial 00-33-12 plus the country code plus the number you want.
To call France from abroad
1.    Dial
2.    First the international access in your country.
3.    Then 33, and the last nine numbers of the number in France (do not dial the first 0, which is only used in France)
To call in France
•    Dial then the area code. France has five area codes:
1 = Paris and Ile-de-France
2 = Northwest
3 = Northeast
4 = Southeast
5 = Southwest
•    Cellular phones always start with 06. Dial 33 then 6 when calling a French cellular phone number from abroad.
•    Calls generally cost less between 7:00PM and 8:00AM.