Atelier Chardon Savard, Fashion School in Paris, joins Studialis

December 02, 2014

Founded by Dominique and Cyrille Chardon Savard, Atelier Chardon Savard has joined Studialis, completing the range of artistic and creative programs available to the group’s students. For more than twenty-five years, the Atelier has formed stylists and fashion designers in Paris and Nantes. Since 2011, the school offers a new program in Communication Management for the Fashion Industry.
Atelier Chardon Savard - Fashion School in Paris

"We are pleased to announce Atelier Chardon Savard’s decision to join Studialis, a French leader in independent higher education. Having a school emblematic of the Parisian creative spirit join us represents an important step in developing our Arts and Creation department as well as our ensemble of programs representative of the French Touch” affirms Marc-François Mignot-Mahon, Directeur General of Studialis.

For Dominique Chardon Savard, “at a time when fashion has gone global, uniting with a French higher education group which is developing on an international scale is an undeniable added-value for our current and future students.”

Dominique Chardon Savard and Judith Chardon will continue to head the school with their current teams. “The pedagogical methods, the quality of the teachers and professionals as well as the Atelier’s importance in the fashion industry are what make up the school’s DNA. Therefore, Dominique and his team’s presence is, in our eyes, fundamental to this fusion,” adds Laurent Tran Van Lieu, President of Studialis.

The Arts and Creation department of Studialis now includes:  Strate - Design School, Cours Florent (drama school), CLCF (cinema), IESA multimedia and HETIC (digital), IESA (art and culture), Cifacom and Cifap (audiovisual) and Atelier Chardon Savard (fashion).

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