Eating out in Rennes


University restaurants: 

you will hear the terms “Resto U” or RU as soon as you get to the Campus, it is a chaine of reestaurants managed by the CROUS, and offers you meals at affordable prices  Known for their unbeatable prices.

The student card that you are carrying, allows you access to all the "Restos U" of the region. you can buy Meal tickets  at the CROUS or can be brought directly at the “Resto U” counters. Certain restaurants stay open in the evenings, weekends and during the academic vacations.they offers you 3 courses meal: an entrée, a main course with vegetables, followed by cheese or a dessert. all starting at 1 €!*

* Prices could change 

For more information Crous Rennes-Bretagne

The Restaurants of Rennes, Cafes and Bistros: 

you will be able to admire the french Gastronomy thanks to the large number of restaurants located all over France. And try the diverse spetialties of Rennes.

to find out more about the restaurant you can allways refer to the following references: 

The website of the  l'Office de Tourisme de rennes.

A list of the restaurants in Rennes 


There is many places where you can buy :your grocery and here is a list of these places: