Student Accomodation in Bordeaux

Student Apartments
There are student apartments near the Studialis Education Network campus, offering furnished student apartments in Bordeaux which are only a short distance away from public transportation. The Campus is equipped with tennis and volleyball courts, a pool, a gym and a laundromat.

Students interested in obtaining a student apartment should prepare the following documents:

•    2 identity photos
•    Copy of passport (both sides)
•    Student Card or Enrollment Certificate
•    Proof of bank account
•    Proof of insurance
•    Deposit
•    Proof of income from parents or someone living in France

For additional information, please contact:
83, Avenue Bon Air
Téléphone : 05 56 47 03 67
Fax : 05 56 97 30 87
e-mail :

University halls of residence
The CROUS is in charge of managing the university halls of residence. In Bordeaux, it offers accommodation in traditional halls of residence (rooms) or in more recent buildings (studio flats, 2 and 3 bedroom flats).

Rent depends on the type of accommodation. In 2010-201, it was 140€ a month for an individual furnished room and could reach 320€ for a 20 m² studio flat and 700€ for a 55 m² 2-bedroom flat in a new building.

There are some thirty university halls of residence in and around Bordeaux. The detailed list, with the corresponding characteristic and rents, is available on the Web site of the CROUS.

Applications for university accommodation are made through the Student social file to be taken from the Web site of the CROUS. Accommodation is allocated according to the same social criteria as those for higher education grants. N.B. The Student Social File (DES) must be filed before the end of May, before having sat the baccalaureate examinations, before having chosen your future career or having passed the end-of-year examinations.

Please note: the CROUS also offers a service connecting students and private householders in and around Bordeaux.
This service is free for students. Offers of accommodation can be consulted on line on the site of the CROUS or on the spot, 18 rue du Hamel, from Monday to Friday, from 8h30 to 16h30.

Other accommodation solutions
Those who are not entitled to the allocation of student accommodation for the CROUS can turn to social housing or the private sector.

A few avenues worth exploring:

•    The Habitat residences for young people (used to be called homes for young workers)
•    Youth hostels
•    Social housing
•    Private student residences
•    Home hospitality
•    Renting in the private sector

The following websites all contain useful information on obtaining housing in Bordeaux: