School of Artistic Direction and Interior Architecture


ESAG Penninghen is a private higher education institution, registered with the French Ministry of Education and Research.

Penninghen currently offers two Masters programs, both taught in French:

  • Artistic Direction in Graphic Art and Digital Design
  • Interior Architecture and Design

The artistic director and interior architect are at the crossroads of multiple trades and skills; they must know how to collaborate in order to implement their projects.

They also must be capable of overcoming all financial, technical and commercial constraints.

There are no professors at Penninghen in the traditional sense; but instead lecturers who are all practicing professionals.

We value critical and analytical thinking; students should be autonomous and capable of taking initiative.

In our school, students are constantly immersed in an environment that combines intial image creation with architecture.

Artistic direction focuses on 4 aspects :

  • Branding and global design
  • Visual communication
  • Editorial and digital publishing
  • Image and Creation

Interior architecture focuses on 4 aspects:

  • Residential projects
  • Commercial and event sectors
  • Design
  • Large projects