ESG Finance - Ecole du groupe ESG

ESGF Business School is located in the heart of the very central 11th district in Paris : a location which offers
students exceptional advantages : the proximity of most famous historical and cultural highlights of Paris, and is easily reachable by public transports.

The school offers programs especially tailored for jobs in the fields of financial Management and puts a special emphasis on practical experience, making its students operational.

At ESGFinance we train students to be performing in the fields of finance, auditing, accounting and tax counseling.
Offering 5 Majors in French and one Major in English.

The School attracts international students interested in a perfect combination of courses developing their managerial skills while acquiring an excellent knowledge in financial domains. Programs are designed in collaboration with industry and professional bodies and are constantly reviewed and improved with the learning experience.

Joining ESGF means joining an international structure recognized by companies worldwide.