MSC Hospitality & Tourism Management

MSC Hospitality & Tourism Management
Business Administration
1 year
Program name
MSC Hospitality & Tourism Management
PSB - Paris School of Business
Tuition Fees
12 750 euros
Program period
Full degree programs
Degree accreditation

Degree recognized by the state level 1


Launch yourself into a career in management in the exciting field of tourism and hospitality, developing your managerial and strategic skills to succeed in an ever-changing industry.


Hands-on Learning

Along with the knowledge of tourism and hospitality markets, you will be trained by professionals to become job-ready upon graduation.


Business Tours

Experience total immersion in the hospitality and tourism industries, acquire know-how from experts, and expand your professional network.Expected business tours include:

  • World Famous Hotels in Paris and London
  • Flagship Hospitality Industries in Geneva
  • International Tour Operators
  • Private Resorts
  • Top Conference Centers


Innovative Teaching Methods

Benefit from exposure to a highly integrative learning approach. The classroom experience is augmented through blended learning modules, consisting of on-line and interactive components. Entrepreneurial projects, challenges and business simulations are key components in the curriculum so that you gain real business know-how. The program also consists of targeted seminars focused on leadership and management, as well as on careerbuilding skills. PSB Paris School of Business delivers these modules in partnership with Cours Florent, one of France’s leading drama training institutes.


Why PSB?

One of the best business schools in France, PSB is located in central Paris - the tourism capital of the world. It’s the ideal location to learn from industry leaders in the hospitality and tourism sector and deeply interact with these experts. With company visits, conferences, outings, business tours and trips, this exciting program will give you first-hand experience and access to the major players in these industries to learn how the global tourist capital mastered the trade.


Message from the program Director : Jean-Michel Chapuis

“What an exciting time to begin a career in tourism and hospitality! This program is designed to ensure students become top professional players in this sector. With the digital revolution upending longheld practices in the hotel and tourism business, it is more important than ever to quickly master fundamental concepts while consistently opening oneself to disruptive innovation in a changing market. Through this program, we are training the industry leaders of tomorrow and giving them the tools to succeed in an ever-expanding global market."


Business Core

  • Hospitality Actors & Markets
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management
  • International Business
  • Financial Management
  • Digital Business


Leadership & Professional Skills Modules

  • Leadership & Management: Cours Florent Seminar
  • Career Management
  • Business Game
  • Research Methodology
  • Advanced Productivity Digital Tools
  • Business Tours

Advanced Core Component

  • Hotel Distribution
  • Hospitality Markets Strategies
  • F&B Cost Control
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Wellness
  • Hospitality Uniform System of Accounts
  • Service Quality Management
  • Human Resources in Hospitality Markets
  • Customer Service Excellence


  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Elective French Course
  • European Markets
  • Comparative Business Law
  • Public Relations: Branding Through Social Media
  • Event Management

Online Courses

  • Arts and Culture Strategies
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Innovation in Arts & Culture
  • Making Effective Career Decisions
  • Business Negotiation
  • Giving Sense to Your Leadership

Optional Internship

Job opportunities

After learning the intricacies of the French tourism and hospitality market, you can expect to begin a career as a manager either in France or abroad. Look forward to either joining the profession here in France, or else taking the business secrets and knowledge around the globe as an expert in hospitality and tourism as a hotel or resort manager, tour company manager, tourism officer and center manager, or travel agency manager, among many possibilities.

Admission requirements

Designed for individuals who have successfully completed undergraduate studies and who wish to pursue post-graduate education to deepen their field of expertise and gain exposure to international working environments. 

Applicants must demonstrate a sufficient level of English through the submission of an IELT S score of 6, TOEFL score of 80, or a TOEIC score of 750.

Admission process

To apply:     

Download application form OR CONTACT us

Students will be requested to send the necessary documents later on in the admission process (like the application form filled and signed, copy of highest degree completed, copy of passport, short resume...)

 In addition, Candidates are required to pass an interview, the interviews are conducted in English by telephone or Skype.