Acting in English

Acting in English
1 to 3 years
Program name
Acting in English
Cours Florent
Tuition Fees
6 000 euros
Program period
No degree
Degree accreditation

Cours Florent Certificate


As the birthplace of cinema, France is the perfect choice when deciding where to study acting.

Cours Florent International courses offer students not only the chance to refine their dramatic acting skills but also to experience full immersion in the cultural and artistic life of France.  

The Cours Florent curriculum gives students the chance to enroll in drama classes at this world-renowned French theater and film school.

They will not only have the chance to refine their dramatic acting skills but also to experience full immersion in the cultural and artistic life of France.

Courses focus on the development of acting tools by applying the methods of international writers.

TThe entire acting program is taught in English and includes 6 hours per week of French classes (FLE) with an emphasis on theater.


Drama Courses - 15 hours per week

Students take specific courses geared towards theatrical expression and camera performance techniques

  • Developing Acting Tools: voice, body, language
  • An emphasis on acting/reacting, using Meisner and Stanislavski methods
  • Development of the acting voice through exercises and acting breathing
  • Development of the acting body
  • Preparation for international auditions
  • Artistic work is matched with technical work on physicality, endurance and vocal capacities

Students meet numerous figures from the performing arts and film industries as well as go on organized cultural outings.


Discovering French Artistic Life - 6 hours per week

In order to experience cultural life in Paris and the French art de vivre, students are able to participate in tours, conferences and workshops.

They also take a French language course to acquire basic French conversation skills.

Social activities (included in the price) :

  • 1 theater/month
  • 1 museum/month
  • Discover the famous Cannes Film Festival.

Intensive French - 6 hours per week    

Job opportunities

Students can become actors (Upon audition) , Art advisors, Art critics, curators 


Admission requirements

In order to apply for this program:

  • Candidates must have a high school diploma 
  • Candidates must have some experience in acting 
  • Have an excellent level of English 
Admission process

To apply:     

Download application form OR CONTACT us

Students will be requested to send the necessary documents later on in the admission process (like the application form filled and signed, copy of highest degree completed, copy of passport, short resume...)

In addition, Candidates are required to pass an interview, the interviews are conducted in English by telephone or Skype.


Candidates will receive the Admission board’s decision by post and by email. Upon admission, each candidate receives an acceptance letter.