Traveling In & Out of France

Bargain Travel Prices:
For  travel discounts consult the following websites:

•    Student Universe
•    STA Travel
•    Lastminute
•    Bourse des vols
•    Vacanceo
•    Promovacances
•    Expedia

Youth Hostels:
Temporary housing in youth hostels in France
•    FUAJ website

Buses in Europe:
There are many different bus services operating throughout Europe. Buses offer a cheap way to travel from place to place and can allow you to cover large distances easily. With prices 30% to 50% less expensive than the train and plane, buses are often the cheapest way to travel.

Eurolines is the number one European coach line with regular departures to over 1500 European cities in over 26 countries. The company serves over 87 cities in France, and the coaches are equipped with air conditioning, television and toilets. The "Pass Eurolines" is ideal for those who wish to travel all over Europe and its capitals. For 295 euros, you can travel anywhere you like and as often as you like for 30 days.

Megabus is the market-leading budget inter-city coach operator in the UK, Europe and North America. It is part of Stagecoach Group, the international transport group, which offers greener smarter travel at great value prices.

For more information, contact:
•    Eurolines website - Tel: 0892 899 091
•    Megabus website-  Tel : +44 1413329644

Air Travel:
The biggest carrier is Air France which connects Paris with the major French cities, while an ever-decreasing number of smaller air companies offer provincial inter-city links. Air travel is more expensive than rail and unexpected delays are more frequent. However, air links are quicker for traveling from one end of the country to the other.

To obtain competitive prices on airline tickets, in France or Europe, please contact the major airlines companies, travel agencies or other specialized companies.

For example:

Air France:
Tickets at a discount for young travelers with Air France are called "Tempo Jeunes" and are only available just one hour before departure for either one way tickets or round trip tickets with an open departure date. You can change your reservation or obtain reimbursement without costs on flights within Europe.

Do you travel a lot during the year? The card “Fréquence Jeune” is free and can give you miles. Three round trip tickets within a year between Paris and Nice for example will give you a free flight. Air France also proposes reduced tickets for Wednesday departures.

For more information:
•    Air France website - Tel: 0 820 820 820

Budget Airlines:
Compare cheap flights and get the lowest airfare prices, instantly. A selection of websites to find last minute travel deals from all the major airlines and agents. Paris has a number of low cost airlines, the largest and most established being EasyJet, and RyanAir. These airlines have become extremely successful within Europe by dramatically cutting fares.

A simple reservation number is enough to reserve a flight. The earlier you reserve, the cheaper your ticket will be. Prices are generally half the normal price as on other carriers, provided you are flexible on your departure and return dates.

More information on:

Ryan Air
•    Ryan Air Website - Tel: 08 92 55 56 66
Easy Jet
•    Easy Jet Website - Tel:  08 25 08 25 08
•    Vueling Website – Tel : 08 99 23 24 00

The Train:
The French railway network is run by a single authority, the state-run SNCF, and is managed as a public service. The network is comprehensive, trains run with the precision of a Swiss watch and tariffs are cheaper per kilometer than most other European countries.

The network includes suburban, regional, national and international lines. The SNCF operates a high speed train (TGV) service linking most French regions and cities. The TGV is a speedy (it travels at around 250 Kph) and cheaper inter-city transport alternative to the plane. International TGV services also link Paris with London (Eurostar) and Brussels and Amsterdam (Thalys).

For information on the trains (destinations, timetables and reservations), consult the SNCF website (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer) 08 92 35 35 35. You can also buy or reserve your tickets at the train station directly, at travel agencies or online

The TGV (high speed train) allows you to discover all the major cities in France in record time.

With a pass for those between 12-25 years old, you can benefit from a 50% reduction on all prices, depending upon availability, class (first or second class) and travel period.

The SNCF also has special prices called "tarifs découvertes" to promote tourism in France and to attract travelers under the age of 25 and couples. Prices at discounts of 20% to 50% are possible if you reserve your tickets in advance (called J-8 or J-30). For more information, go to the train station or consult their website.