Student Healthcare in France


Mandatory for all students in France

It is mandatory that all foreign students from 20 to 28 years old coming to France to have a Social Security card and number to be presented in case of illnesses or accident. Any non-European student who has not subscribed to a personal private health insurance in his/her own country will have to pay and adhere to the French social security system*.

The student social security affiliation and payment must be presented to the Prefecture de Police after your arrival to France when asking for the Student Carte de Séjour (or for its renewal). The regulations are as follows:

1. Student citizens belonging to the European Union must ask for the E-128 Form in their own country in order to be covered according to the French regulations by the CPAM: Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie. Students must contact the Centre des Relations Internationales from their local CPAM office (either in Paris or in the suburbs).

2. Students who are “Non-European” citizens under the age of 28 must buy the French Student Insurance. This insurance will cover medical expenses up to 70%. You may have the option to buy an additional insurance called a “Mutuelle” to be covered up to 100% (including hospitalization)

Any foreign student- whatever his/her nationality is obliged to buy the student insurance.
Students over the age of 28 must buy a different insurance:
Contact the “PEE Prévoyance Etudiants Etrangers” (whose contract is accepted by the Préfecture)
*You will receive all the information and necessary forms during Orientation Day.


The French system of social protection enables you to take care of your health, without a heavy financial burden. Don’t wait until the last moment, and for complications before consulting a doctor or a specialist. You are strongly advised to avoid delaying consultations and treatment. If you do, it will be at the detriment and risk of your health. Prevention is essential for good health.


General practitioners deal with all health problems from strep throats to back aches. Specialists, as the name indicates, specialize on a pathology or part of the body: obstetrician for childbirth, ophthalmologist for the eyes, neuropsychiatric for psychopathologies, etc.  To find a doctor near you, please visit


General practitioner: 20-30 € - Specialist: 30-60 €
Fees are higher if the doctor has to make a house visit, at night, on a Sunday or on a public holiday.


•    Dial 15 for the SAMU (paramedics), in case of accidents with bodily harm
•    Dial 18 for the Sapeurs -Pompiers (firemen) : if there is a fire
•    dial 17 for the police or gendarmerie : in case of aggression of any kind

Most drug stores are closed on Sunday but they generally display the address of a pharmacy that is open in case of an emergency. Some pharmacies are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A pharmacist can always give you advice on the medicine to take or give you the name of a doctor.
To obtain reimbursement of your medical care, please consult your insurance policy. For European citizens, you must have completed and filed European Form E 128 before coming to France to obtain reimbursement.