Eating Out in Paris

University Restaurants
No getting away from student jargon: you will hear the terms “Resto U” or RU as soon as you get here. These are the university restaurants managed by the CROUS. Known for their unbeatable prices, the “Restos U” of the capital are always full.

A student card allows you access to all the "Restos U" of the region. Meal tickets are on sale at the CROUS or can be brought directly at the “Resto U” counters. Certain restaurants stay open in the evenings, weekends and during the academic vacations.On the menu: an entrée, a main course with vegetables, followed by cheese or a dessert. Certain “Restos U” also offer, menus with barbeque, pizza, vegetarian, etc, all starting at 2.80 €!*

*Prices are subject to change.

For More Information
•    CROUS de Paris website

Parisian Restaurants, Cafes & Bistros
Searching for French or foreign gastronomy, or a cozy meal amongst friends or even a big dinner American style?  The 8000 restaurants of the capital will cater to your every need. The capital is flooded with restaurants, bars and bistros: classic, exotic, hot spots, trendy, all providing a delicious blend of cultures and flavors from all over the world. Prices vary from one area to another. So be sure to check the prices usually listed outside of all restaurants. Open up your eyes… and your appetite!

Check out the various Parisian online restaurant guides:

Office de Tourisme de Paris
Lists a selection of top Parisian restaurants. Addresses classified according to several criteria: restaurants with outdoor tables, gastronomy or foreign cuisine, wine bars etc…
•    Office de Tourisme de Paris website

Guide "Etudiant à Paris" de la Ville de Paris
Free guide available in all Town Halls of each district, includes student hot spots, etc.
•    Etudiants de Paris website

Paris Plan Resto
On line guide to Parisian restaurants, with multi-search criteria: price, neighborhoods, etc...
•    Plan resto website

Nothing like a walk through the Parisian markets for a change of ambiance, or to do ones grocery shopping while whiffing fresh basil, pastries, or fruits and vegetables. 65 known food markets, including 3 biological ones, make the streets of Paris come alive, and offer up a variety of fresh food products to the locals.

City of Paris

Offers a list of markets which are worth seeing on their website.
•    Parisian Markets Website