Higher Education in France

Bologna Process- European Area for Higher Education

The LMD system (Licence Master Doctorat or Bachelor’s/Master’s/Doctorate)

French higher education is divided into 3 “cycles” in accordance with the common European system:

French Title European Equivalent

Duration in Higher Education   after Baccalauréat

European Credits Transfer System


Undergraduate 3 years of university studies 180 ECTS


Graduate 5 years of university studies 300 ECTS



8 years of university studies

480 ECTS

DUT 4 semesters (+ 2 years) 120 ECTS

The French System of “Grande Ecole” and Master Level State Recognized “Grade Master”
An original feature of the French higher education system is the highly selective admissions procedures of French “Grandes Ecoles”. The Grande Ecole Program issues a Master's level diploma, recognized by the State (5 years of study after the French Baccalaureat).

Due to the excellence of the program delivered and high performance of its graduates, the diploma provides access to key functions in companies and to top-level careers.

Specialized Schools and Titre Certifié degree*
Qualified specialized schools deliver certified degree titles, registered and published in the Journal Officiel (Bulletin issued by the French government with official announcements).

French Title
European Equivalent
 Duration in Higher Education after Baccalauréat
European Credits Transfer System
Titre Certifié niveau II  Undergraduate Three to four years of university studies  180 ECTS
Titre Certifié niveau I Graduate Five years of university studies 300 ECTS

 *For informational purposes only, subject to change without prior notice.

The higher schools of art

BTS : Higher technician certificate

DNA : National Art Degree (RNCP  level 2) ,3 years

DMA : Diploma of Art professions, 2 years

DSAA : Advanced Diploma of Applied Arts (RNCP level 1), 5 years

DNSEP : Higher National Diploma of Plastic Expression (RNCP level 1) ,5 years