Today ISM, Tomorow the World


Established in 1992, the ISM - Institut Supérieur du Management - is the first private business school in French-speaking Africa. Recognized by the State of Senegal since 1995, its diplomas will be accredited in 2005 by CAMES, making the ISM Group the first private higher education institution to have a diploma validated by this inter-African accreditation body.

A year later, in 2006, the ISM was accredited as the UEMOA Regional Center of Excellence, making it the first private African school recognized by the West African Economic and Monetary Union.

In partnership with schools of the Studialis-Galileo group such as Digital Campus and IESA arts & culture, ISM offers Bachelors and Master's degrees in Law, Management, Financial Engineering, Supply Chain, Network Engineering, Arts & Culture and Digital

By 2020, the ISM will have trained 20,000 students working in all sectors of African economies, as its slogan goes : "Today ISM, Tomorow the World".