Master in Design for Smart Cities

Master in Design for Smart Cities
2 years
Program name
Master in Design for Smart Cities
Strate - School of Design
Tuition Fees
11 500 euros
Program period
Full degree programs
Degree accreditation

Degree recognized by the State


Usually when we think of Smart Cities what comes to mind are the innovative technologies such as Big Data, sensors, energy distribution, integrated transport systems, etc. Though it is true that these new technologies have the potential to be a boon for humanity, they can only be so if purposefully used with the well-being of the people in mind.

So the question we want to ask is how to use technology to best serve the citizens? How do you educate people to become smart citizen? I.e people possessing the means to harness new technologies to improve essential aspects of their lives: their living and work environment, their food, as well as their ability to create and learn, etc. To answer this question Strate School of Design created a Master in Design for Smart Cities. The idea is to educate the future citizens of the smart cities.


Facing complexity

By giving them a strong multidisciplinary culture mixing technologies, human sciences, marketing, culture, 3D modelling, design methodology, Strate trains designers able to read, represent and exploit complexity.


Solving problems

Thanks to this “Design Mix”,  Strate Designers are able to address any human issue in a creative way to enable better lives in a smarter city. 


Interact with the industry

Through a strong connection with the industry (all teachers are professionals + projects are given by the industry + mandatory internship), Strate trains designers prepared to face reality.


Training creative professionals

If Technologies, 3D tools, methodology, Human sciences, culture are the components, creativity is key in giving the innovative and disruptive quality of those ready to work Designers.

  • Design Projects and Methodology
  • Design Culture 
  • General Culture 
  • Representation & Visualization 
  • Industry sponsored project
  • Design Culture
  • Representation & Visualization 
  • Thesis
  • Inter-disciplinary industry sponsored project
  • Humanities
  • Professionalization
  • Preparation of oral defense
  • Degree Project follow up


Job opportunities
  • Head of DesignHead of innovation
  • Project leader
  • Experience Designer
  • Service Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Intelligent Object Designer
  • Immersive Designer (Augmented/Virtual Reality)
  • IoT projects Manager
  • Urban Innovation Lead
Admission requirements

In order to apply for the Master in Design for Smart Cities:

  • Candidates must have obtained a Bachelor degree or equivalent, in the field of Transportation Design
  • For applicants whose native language is not English,proof of language proficiency is required: IELTS: 6.0
Admission process

To apply:     

Download application form OR CONTACT us

Students will be requested to send the necessary documents later on in the admission process (like the application form filled and signed, copy of highest degree completed, copy of passport, short resume...)

In addition, Candidates are required to pass an interview, the interviews are conducted in English by telephone or Skype.


Candidates will receive the Admission board’s decision by post and by email. Upon admission, each candidate receives an acceptance letter.