Studialis in the ICEF Dubai Workshop

February 04, 2014

Study abroad is becoming a very important part of education in the Middle East, Turkey, Africa and South Asia, so Studialis International have participated in the ICEF Dubai 2014 Workshop!
Studialis in the ICEF Dubai Workshop

The ICEF Dubai Workshop is the region’s largest and most renowned event for networking with student recruitment agents from the Middle East, Turkey, Africa and South Asia. In 2014, the Dubai Workshop hosted 351 participants from 269 organisations in 46 countries around the world.

All student recruitment agents at the ICEF Dubai Workshop must first pass an industry leading selection and screening process, and have a proven interest in partnering with a broad range of educators and service providers.

During the event, educators and service providers hold pre-scheduled, one-to-one business meetings with agents.

These meetings give the educators the opportunity to meet and appoint new representatives and also maintain and extend relationships with existing partners.

We had the pleasure of meeting many new partners during this Workshop!