Paris is an attractive and modern city for International Students

June 17, 2022

In 2022 Paris was ranked as the 9th most attractive city for international students for its attractive way of life , culture and gastronomy, however in 2016 it was elected as the most attractive one. However in 2016, Paris was elected the most attractive city in the world for international students and you can see the reasons below!

Figures and key facts about the dynamism of Paris:

  • Low registration fees in the French capital make it the second most affordable city financially for students, in the top 5 of the rankings, before London that remains in last place (75th) on this criterion. Paris is also the second city that has the most universities recognized worldwide, behind London.
  • The île de France region has 12 million inhabitants, about 940,000 businesses and 646,000 students. This is the first European economic area by his GDP (4.6% of EU GDP) more important than Switzerland and equivalent to the Netherlands.
  • The  île de France region is one of the regions of Europe whose share in research and development is the highest with more than 150 000 researchers and research personnel.
  • Two Parisian universities are among the global top 10 in Mathematics (Paris-Sud and Pierre and Marie Curie). furthermore, many schools in Paris have high accreditations and degrees recongnized by the State: Paris School of Business, MBA ESG, IESA Arts & Culture School, Strate Design School, ESGCI.
  • In île de France, more than 11,000 foreign companies operate and employ more than one million employees. 18% of French exports and 27% of imports are at origin, of the Paris region.
  • For the implantation of companies, Paris is cheaper than most of the other cities like London or Berlin in terms of operating cost. Paris is ranked 7th, Berlin 8th and London 10th.
  • Paris is a cosmopolitan city that allows international students to find their way around the many programs offered by different schools. It is possible to realize all their dreams:

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