New Law School opened by Galileo Global Education

July 05, 2022

Studying Law in Paris is possible, and it is a very good idea because regardless of being a very attractive city, Paris is the home of the most prestigious law schools in the world.
Law school photo

Beside the importance of Paris as its location in the heart of Europe, the quality of the life that offers to its habitants and the cultural activities (musems, theaters, libraries, ....etc), it also known as the center of the higher education in Europe due to the large numbers of universities in it in all sectors ( art, culture , innovatin, business and management,... etc ).

As a matter of fact, Galileo Global Education launched recently a new law schools who is called Elije, that aims not only to teach law studies but also business and legatech.

Elije is a Law School whose mission is to train lawyers recognized for their multidisciplinary expertise (Law, Business and Digital). For this purpose, it provides innovative teaching adapted to the new needs of students and meets the expectations of companies.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), cybersecurity, new regulations, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) … Companies are facing a major increase in legal issues. Today, it is impossible to remain competitive without a cutting-edge legal strategy.

The lawyer has become a centrepiece of the company. Present upstream of the projects, integrated in the decision-making process, he is a prescriber of solutions at the highest level until  becoming a real business partner.

The digital transformation has changed the business models of companies on many levels especially on improving performances and the user experience. Therefore, Elije offers the students a multidisciplinary cursus in Law, business and Digital allowing them to solve the different problems they will be facing in the world that is changing quickly.

Elije vocation is to train lawyers not only known for their expertise but also for their teamwork capacities: today’s real business partners who are, beyond their knowledge they are capable to work collectively to solve the various issues the managers face. 

Legal Intelligence is a new approach to the law that take into consideration the different legal issues, beside of the strategic thinking, in order to facilitate decision-making.

The lawyer then becomes a real business partner who analyses and transmits the decisive legal information to help the company achieve its strategic objectives. A true prescriber, he influences the business, social or environmental decisions of his company.

Elije is the only law school offering to combine law, business and digital studies. The ideal training to fully understand the company’s strategic challenges, to make the difference and being essential future collaborator to company chiefs.