Galileo launch a new Business school

July 05, 2022

Do you want to study Technology and Business in Paris? if so then PST&B is the school for you.

It’s very benefic to be a student in Paris. You have access to everything from cultural life (The Louvre Museum, Château de Versailles,… etc) to the latest innovations, beside the diversity of the habitants without mentioning the historical and educational value as it is the city that hold the most prestigious universities in the whole world and the endless opportunities of the professional insertion which is due to the enormous number of international companies based in it.

Aware of the importance of the digitalization and the innovation in the various fields of science, Galileo Global Education has launched a new a new “Grande Ecole” (French 5-year integrated Program) that brings together the two aspects technology and business, PST&B.

PST&B (Paris school of business and technology) is a private higher school in Paris, founded in 2020 by Armand Derhy, offering students the opportunity to have double diplomas by proposing double cursus programs mixing technology and business.

PST&B focuses on the professionalization of its students by proposing a Bachelor, Master and MBA programs that are specially designed to meet the companies’ expectations and allow the future leaders to solve the challenges that they will be facing. And to do so it relies on an enormous network of professionals and experts in their domain offering the student to live a unique educational experience by combining the professional experience with the courses.

PST&B proposes courses in cybersecurity, data science, fintech, cybersecurity, metaverse, artificial intelligence and blockchain, finance and trading.

PST&B plans to open its program in several locations both in France and abroad and has the ambition of quickly joining the elite of national and European “Grandes Ecoles” in its category by obtaining national and international academic accreditations.

PST&B places the ability to learn at the heart of its teaching, with 3 parts system:

  • Teaching the major transitions that future graduates will face, digital transition, ecological transition, demographic transition.
  • The overture to learning in the disciplines of culture and art, innovation, technology, and political science.
  • Series of monthly conferences; the “Rendez-vous de la Tech”, with entrepreneurs, philosophers, lawyers, journalists, sociologists, physicists ….